We are specialized in the

Recycling of
Photovoltaic Solar Modules

Our innovative project is focused on the treatment of end-of-life PV panels to separate glass, aluminum frames, junction box and cables.

PV laminates recycling rolls

PV Panels Recycling

Recycling Technology and Recovering Service for end-of-life Solar Modules.

We develop  turn-key system for the recycling of crystalline PV panels.
Our technology has been studied to recover PV modules mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline made with mono facial glass.



Take-off the junction-box from the back of PV panels.


Separation of the aluminum frames from the PV laminates.


Removal of the glass from the solar laminates. The glass is removed gradually without contamination with EVA and silicon.


Separation of plastics, metals and silicon is under development.

Future Vision

We are open to technology cooperation in order to improve the recycling and purity rate of our process.

Our final target will be the re-use of silicon and the recovery of silver.


What to do with end-of-life PV Panels?

Let’s Collect, Recover and Recycle them!

Experia is actively working on development of technology to recycle second-hand solar modules to avoid landfill disposal and to find new industrial reuse of photovoltaic material components.

The recycling system allows to recover over 90% of the solar modules, according to each panel specs.

The treatment capacity of the recycling plant is up to 50 panels/h, that means up to 1 ton/h.

The machinery is managed by industrial PLC. The operators setup and control the process by a touch-screen panel.

Do you sell / buy solar modules in the second-hand market?

No we don’t. As circular economy philosophy, reusing second hand still working modules is a good idea, BUT:

  • We are primarily a technology developer company and this is how we have to operate. We develop machines that make valuable recycling of PV modules.
  • Our partners aim is to get value from the resources that our technology recover and we have to make sure the products we receive do not return back in the field later.
  • Currently the second hand market for PV modules is not regulated. A second hand PV module is still an electronic equipment and its manufacturer / reseller need to guarantee its performance and electrical safety. Actually there is not a standard and this means you have the potential to get a low quality product with performance and safety problems and with no product support.
  • Most of the time, a used PV panel that has been dismissed from a solar plant is considered a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and it must handled like this.
  • Supporting the new market helps PV modules manufactures to keep focus on providing innovative and most powerful products. In some Countries PV manufacturers already pay an “eco-tax” that should be used to correctly dismantle the second-hand PV modules.
PV laminates recycling roll

Raw Materials

We provide second-hand solar glass, PV laminates and metals extracted by PV modules through our partners network.

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